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I love economics.

Because it provides answers to the most important questions.

For instance...

Why is unemployment high in some states and low in others?
Why aren't we making better progress with environmental protection?
Why are so many children dying of malnutrition?
Why are there wars when everyone wants peace?
Why is the world population growing?
Why do pension systems in affluent societies often have funding problems?
Why are there so many authoritarian states?
Why are emerging markets thriving?
Why is there so much corruption? And what can we do about it?
Why is the fight against drugs almost hopeless?
Why are traditional institutions in crisis?

There isn't an even more interesting science, is there?

The Strolling Economist is me, Johannes Eber. I am an economist and business journalist from Berlin, Germany, and I have been working in political consulting for over a decade. My passion: making a small contribution to improving the world we live in with economic thinking.

Any questions? Suggestions? Are you interested in political communicationpolitical consultancy or corporate journalism? Feel free to get in touch with me:

johannes.eber{at}mac.com; Stargarder Straße 56 a, 10437 Berlin, Germany; +49 170 8138070 (check my CV here)

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A daily search for the better life


Johannes Eber

I am an economist and journalist from Berlin. On Substack, I combine my love for strolling through my country 🇩🇪 and taking pictures with a passion for economic thinking. More: https://www.strollingeconomist.de/p/cv